HL-020D3 电动医用病床(三功能)
  - HL-020D3 电动医用病床
  - HL-020D3 电动医用病床
  - HL-020D3 电动医用病床
  - HL-020D5 电动医用病床
  - HL-020D3 电动医用病床
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HL-020D3 电动医用病床(三功能)

日期:2011/11/15 10:26:00    人气:5484

前后档板和侧板为白橡木原木挡板,颜色可选择。传动系统用LINAK 医疗器械专用电机;双侧护栏为
铝合金主体、银白电泳处理折叠式护栏, 脚轮为5”万向静音刹车优质脚轮。
说明:该床外型美观,坚固耐用,可承重200KG 以上,摇手柄转动灵活、静音。传动系统操作简便、
技术专利达到无噪音,不需定期上润滑油。 可选配餐桌板、输液架、引流挂钩、杂物架等配件。
Material:Bed, bed frame, foot of the bed used in all cold rolled steel, cold rolled steel
manufacturing, and later by the second phosphating spray quality to national standards. Front
and rear bumpers and side plate for the white oak logs, color choice. Special medical equipment
drive with LINAK Motor; bilateral main barrier of aluminum alloy, silver electrophoresis folding
guardrail treatment, castor 5 "high-quality universal mute brake casters.
Description: The bed looks, durable, can load 200KG more flexible rotation shake the handle,
mute. Drive system is simple, no noise, and can be used in conjunction with batteries (to
prevent the power outage, the normal use), the operator panel has a safety lock. The company's
technology patents to no noise, no oil on a regular basis. Optional table board, infusion stand,
drainage hook, debris racks and other accessories. .

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