HL-9901C2 重症病人抢救床(二功能)
  - HL-9901C2 陪护一体两
  - HL-9901C2 重症病人抢
  - HL-9901C2 重症病人抢
  - HL-9901C3 三摇医用病
  - HL-9901C3 三摇医用病
  - HL-9901C2 两摇三折病
  - HL-9901C2 两摇三折病
  - HL-9901C2 两摇三折病
  - HL-9901C3 三摇医用病
  - HL-9901C2 两摇三折病
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HL-9901C2 重症病人抢救床(二功能)

日期:2011/11/15 10:17:00    人气:3053

说明:该床外型美观,坚固耐用,可承重200KG 以上,摇手柄转动灵活、静音并有
润滑油,设有无限空转功能。可调头低15 度,便于颈静脉穿刺;可携带氧气桶(袋)

Material:Bed, bed frame, foot of the bed used in all cold rolled steel, cold rolled
steel bed, bed frame, foot of the bed used in all cold rolled steel, cold rolled steel
manufacturing, and later by the second phosphating spray, to achieve national
standards of quality . Bed, the end plate of stainless steel oval tube form; barrier
for stainless steel, with automatic lock function; a double anti-collision device.
Description: The bed looks, durable, can load 200KG more flexible rotation
shake the handle, quiet and have spin polarized, lightweight and convenient.
Transmission use of our patents to no noise, no oil on a regular basis, with
unlimited idle function. Can turn around a low of 15 degrees, to facilitate jugular
vein puncture; portable oxygen cylinders (bags) and other appliances. Optional
infusion stand, drainage hook, debris racks and other accessories.

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