HL-980 系列电动产检床(多功能型)
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HL-980 系列电动产检床(多功能型)

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◆ HL-980 是我企业参照德国技术按国家标准自主设计的综合多功能产品,除了产台功能外,并能作为妇科手术台使用,也
◆ 造型美观,功能齐全,升降、背板角度、纵转角度、煞车和释放系统全部以电动油压操作,只要以脚轻踩控制开关,便
◆ 内藏式补助台,不占空间,抽出或收纳都极其方便,并具升降功能,能满足缝合时之器械置放,及支撑医师手肘提高作
◆ 当产台使用时除具有一般卧姿功能外,并能调整为坐姿,方便各种分娩体位。并可在生产进行中,是需要而立即转换为
手术台使用,不用移动产妇,更可有效提高医院 之空间使用率。
◆ 大型污物盆和漏斗,接生时羊水不外濺,并可避免婴儿滑脱;装设、拆卸非常方便。
◆ 凸出底座之坐部设计,使医师更易于亲近产妇,提高作业之方便性,更可以满足大型污物桶之承接习惯者使用。
◆ 所有外在结构,全以不锈钢制作,材料厚实、结构强固。清理保养容易,防污、防绣。
◆ 所有五金配件亦是不锈钢制作,精致实用,寿命特长。
The main material and functional
◆ HL-980 is the German technology company with reference to national standards by a comprehensive selfdesigned
multi-function products, in addition to the delivery table functions, and can be used as a gynecological
operating table can also be used as an outpatient.
◆ Beautiful shape, fully functional, lifting, back angle, vertical angle turn, brake and hydraulic release systems all
with electric operation, as long as the light step on the foot control switch, can very smooth, very easy to adjust the
various positions.
◆ Built-in assistance units, space, out of, or incorporate extremely convenient, and with lifting capabilities of the
equipment to meet the suture placement, and support for physicians to improve operating stability of the elbow.
◆ When the delivery table when using the prone position and have a general function, and can be adjusted to sitting,
to facilitate a variety of delivery position. And in the production in progress, is the need to use immediately converted
to the operating table, without moving the mothers, but also can effectively improve the utilization of hospital space.
◆ funnel large pots and dirt, no more than the splash of amniotic fluid delivery, and avoid baby slipping; installation
and removal very easy.
◆ Department of protruding base of the seat design, make it easier to close maternity doctors, to improve the ease of
operation and more to meet the large bucket of dirt used to use to undertake.
◆ All the external structure, all in stainless steel, material thick, strong structure. Cleaning and maintenance easy, antifouling,
◆ All hardware is stainless steel accessories, fine and practical, long life.

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